25 Hand-picked Free Fonts for Sci-fi Book Covers

25 Hand-picked Free Fonts for Sci-fi Book Covers

Free Fonts for SciFi Book Cover Designs

Ah, picking a typeface, possibly the most frustrating hurdle a designer will face when working on any design.

It’s not just a case of slapping on some text in any old font. You have to find that perfect one that that feels just right.

This is especially true when designing a book cover.

Everythingon the cover will give a potential reader a snap-judgement of the story inside, especially the…

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Lab Periodical

Magazine Design Inspiration – Lab is a biannual science & tech magazine

It’s always exciting getting a new submission in my inbox (here’s how to submit your own work), and when this work landed, I got very excited indeed.

Lab is a biannual periodical on the subjects of science, technology and travel, and features an engaging and striking design by Maxim Cormier and  Chén Fan (be sure to check out their previous feature too – Designer Personal Agendas).

The cover…

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Jane Austen ‘Tears’ book cover series

Jane Austen ‘Tears’ book cover series

Jane Austen series cover designs

This wonderful series book cover designs for Jane Austen novels is a self-initiated project by London-based design Rebecca Richardson.

Wanting to create a series of covers that conveyed the emotion and romance that many of Austen’s novels touched upon, Rebecca took Austen’s writing and used it as the basis for the cover concept, setting quotes from each book in a hand-written style on a textured…

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A Scandal in Bohemia – letterpress book

A Scandal in Bohemia – letterpress book

Book Design Inspiration – A Scandal in Bohemia hand-bound book

These gorgeous, hand-bound books are part of an extensive letterpress project by designer and typographer Lucia Weilein.

Taking the first of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes short stories, Lucia set about creating 50 editions of A Scandal in Bohemia, with each copy of which utilising a variety of printing and finishing techniques, including setting each line of body copy one 20-pica line…

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Newds Photography Zine (NSFW)

Newds Photography Zine (NSFW)

Zine Design Inspiration – Newds Photography Zine

Newds is a photography zine by artist Sal Nunkachov, unsurprisingly made up entirely of nude (yet tasteful) black and white imagery.

Some of the content is a little more daring than what’s featured here, so for the sake of those readers who may be viewing this post at work, I’ve kept the more ‘saucy’ content out. You can view these images and more on Sal’s Newds page though.

Zine Design Inspiration – Newds Photography ZineZine Design Inspiration – Newds Photography ZineZine Design Inspiration – Newds Photography ZineZine Design Inspiration – Newds Photography Zine

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SUER Catalog

Book Design Inspiration – Catalog die-cut slip case

Designed by Russian agency Reklamist, this impressive catalog for the SUER company, a developer of automated energy management systems, boasts some impressive visuals and finishing touches.

The catalog itself features a die-cut slipcase, along with an embossed cover, and vibrant visuals throughout.

What I really love about this design is the way the more graphic content seems to explode out of…

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New Eden – A Book Celebrating Great Game Enviroment Design

New Eden – A Book Celebrating Great Game Enviroment Design

New Eden – A book of game environments – The Book Design Blog

New Eden is a book showcasing a selection of hand-picked computer game environments.

Each spread features a high-resolution in-game render of a different game environment, plus an iconographic key and a mini-map ‘HUD’ that denotes the genre and environment styles, such as ‘space’, ‘swords’, or ‘apocalyptic’.

Quotes from game designers are interspersed throughout, and the book is finished off…

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Star Maker

Book Design Inspiration – The Book Design Blog

One of the real joys of running this blog is finding printed matter that really speaks volumes for the quality and tactile experience of reading analogue media.

This project by Daniel Siim is one such example that attempts to reconnect audiences with the physical experience of reading a printed book, as opposed to reading on an electronic device.

Taking William Olaf Stapledon’s 1937 novel Star…

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Penguin publishes ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ as a Modern Classic but a creepy cover causes controversy

Penguin publishes ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ as a Modern Classic but a creepy cover causes controversy

Penguin Modern Classics – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald DahlFor the first time ever, Roald Dahl’s classic children’s’ story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has been published as a Penguin Modern Classic.

However, after unveiling the new cover via social media, many fans criticised the choice of imagery, with some declaring it “awful” and “inappropriate”.

Penguin Modern Classics – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory teaser image

Prior to the reveal, Penguin posted a teaser image on Facebook, and asked fans to guess which story…

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P.S – Secrets of the Barguzin Skeleton

P.S – Secrets of the Barguzin Skeleton

Created by Márton Borzák, Secrets of the Barguzin Skeleton is a great example of a book that takes its subject matter and turns it into the very concept behind its construction.

Focussing on a disturbing Siberian news story about an unearthed skeleton and the secrets that emerged following it’s exhumation, the book features annotations, imagery and quotes about the story, along with secrets…

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